Slovak souvenirs

Valuable presents – unforgettable souvenirs – unique keepsakes

Slovakia is known as a country with plenty of skilful craftsmen and artists, who practice traditional handicrafts or create innovative objects of art. Their works are characterised by:

  • hand-made production
  • originality
  • natural materials
  • traditional techniques

We are aware of their importance and see them as an asset to development of sustainable tourism. Therefore we want to use our contact network and support the sale of gifts from Slovakia. Our suppliers are exclusively individual producers, family firms and protected manufactories/workshops.

We offer:

Bookmarks made of corn leaves

hand-made female figures from corn leaves – typical Slovak bio-material in form of a bookmark, the decoration colours correspond with colours of Slovak flag (white, blue, red), company name or web can be written on the back, ideal as a post gift (weight 1g/piece)

Original candles

in colours and forms of nature – leaves, trees, flowers…, hand-made in a small family factory, candles with pictures of Slovak towns and interesting sights from Slovakia

Decorated gingerbreadcakeDecorated gingerbread cakes

tailor-made according to the client´s wishes, in the shape of a heart, horseshoe, oval or other untypical forms and shapes, decorated with inscriptions, company logo, of different sizes and colours

Gingerbreadcake candlestandGingerbread cake candlestands

sold with 2 pieces of honey candles, originally packed in a hand-made paper box

Hand-carved scented soaps

in all colours, originally packed in a hand-made paper box, suitable as a decoration or an air freshener

Slovak wines

wine from the Malé Karpaty (Small Carpathians) viticultural region and from other viticultural regions in Slovakia, in hand-decorated bottles, originally present-packed, in wicker baskets for wine and sparkling wine




We answer to orders individually, delivery time upon agreement.