Eco conferences

Congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops or meetings – all this can also happen in an environment-friendly way, without negative impacts on the local environment and local people. Our team, whenever possible, obeys the following rules during their organisation:

  • printing of necessary information only, double-sided printing, use of recycled paper
  • production of conference promotion articles preferably on recycled and recyclable materials
  • disposable products are avoided
  • regional, seasonal organic products are used for meals and snacks, whenever possible produced at ecological farms
  • local suppliers of services and goods
  • motivating participants to use public transport, needed information provided
  • shuttle transport service, collective transport of participants
  • bicycles, horse-drawn carriages and other ecologically appropriate means of transport
  • waste minimalisation
  • social responsible approach – socially disabled and disabled persons involved in supplier processes


The pan-European Green-Belt Meeting